Wig Review: Soft Yaki Bangs from Platinum Wigs

Wig Specifications: ( http://platinumwigs.com ) 100% Authentic Indian Remy Human Hair Adjustable straps and wig combs included Freestyle ventilation Baby hai…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

24 thoughts on “Wig Review: Soft Yaki Bangs from Platinum Wigs

  1. Pink Tiara

    i love this unit, glad its my pay week i’ve been seeking and spying out
    website that are expensive i think this may be the one.

  2. Godzdesign1

    I started buying wigs first, then making them myself. This was my first
    online purchase. I stalked this unit on YT first before buying tho lol. I
    wanted to make sure that I would have at least a decent experience before
    purchasing. My suggestion would be purchasing in store first or at least
    trying them on…so you have a feel of what you like. Once you do, do some
    research and purchase online. There are some really good deals and variety
    online. Thanks for watching! <3

  3. Jessie M

    I purchased the same unit in a color #4 I loved it. The only problem I had
    was it was big on my head I have a really small head.

  4. Godzdesign1

    I’m sorry that was your experience. I have been wearing this unit now for 2
    weeks straight and I’ve washed it twice. I haven’t experience much tangling
    at all.

  5. harlem4you

    Love it! Want to start wearing wigs but dont know where to begin. Can you
    do a wigs 101 vid showing thw different types, best places to buy, styling,
    storing, maintanence, etc? And can we get some deets on the outfits?? That
    grey dress is stunning!

  6. ~NaturalBeauty MignonDee~

    Loves it! You look so pretty…don’t be trying to make me go purchase a
    wig, nah! LOL.. God bless you, sis!

  7. Angel82Green

    You seem to really like this wig, never really seen another youtuber all
    happy like that lol. But I like it, quick question is it a full wig?

  8. bebe chou

    i bought this unit 2 years ago and it;’snotworth the price. at first its
    nice but after a little white the hair stars tangling.itdoesnt matter what
    you do. the hair would still tangle.i wouldn’t pay more than $70 for it.


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