Wig Review : Wigs By CC Antoinette N7 1001

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

17 thoughts on “Wig Review : Wigs By CC Antoinette N7 1001

  1. Zullala

    I really wish I would have discovered these wigs before I put dreadlocks in
    my hair >_< . Now I am torn between keeping my dread exstentions in vs shaving my head and wearing all of these awesome wigs D: ?

  2. Adrian Gonzalez

    hey ms skarlet. ive only been watching your videos for a while but
    everytime i do i think omg her makeup is georgous. i would love to see a
    makeup tutorial. and thanks to you im purchasing a wig from wigs by cc?

  3. Tomboy91xoxo

    same here!!! I loved the Paris one, I already ordered it but the blonde
    one, thank you for showing me that site Skarlet!!! you made my night!!!!!!!


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