Wig talk

Just an average American woman talking about wig wearing! I just wanted to share an experience that I had with a clerk in the beauty shop, regarding wigs!
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  1. Tanukes

    Sounds like your mom is a very bright lady!!! She is? correct…who cares! Enjoy life. =) Don’t worry about other people. Trust me, if you exude confidence, people will see that and they can’t help but have respect for you. The wig I am wearing in this vid is “Eden” by Vivica Fox. btw, thanks for subbing! I’m appreciative of you comment! 😉

  2. Tanukes

    Awww…thank you so much! I definitely enjoy wigs and talking about them! Thanks for watching and for subbing!? 😉

  3. silverlining723

    My mom? and my sister and I all wear wigs (though my sister stopped I think and I only wear one when I’m at work) and I guess I get kind of uncomfortable if someone knew I was wearing a wig, but my mom says who cares? so what if they know? I try to adopt that feeling, but I am worried people will treat me differently. What wig are you wearing? it looks like glow girl just blonde…

  4. Tanukes

    Thank you! I definitely enjoy wearing wigs, and I agree that they make women look so much better! And whatever? will enhance the looks, I’m all for it! 😉

  5. joesm7

    i love the fact you wear wigs, its women like you that wearing wigs so sexy, every woman should? be more like you it just makes every woman look so much better!

  6. Tanukes

    Atta Girl!!! That’s what I’m talking about! If they are uncomfortable, oh freakin’ well!!! It’s about what is comfortable to you! You look great in your wigs…enjoy them to the fullest, and if they think your a “mutant”, who gives a shit! :) LOL! Reading this last comment really just made my day! Thanks and I’m glad that you are inspired! Have a good? night my wig wearing friend! hahaha =)

  7. Tanukes

    Yes, there are definitely people that get weirded out about people wearing wigs! They don’t see it as part of fashion! There’s so many different reasons to wear wigs…but my number one reason is simply because I like it and I love the way I feel! :) I’ve received 99.9% positive feedback from family, friends, acquaintances, and strangers regarding the wig wearing. I understand & respect your view! My whole outlook on whether or not others are comfortable with it is? “Screw ’em!” 😉

  8. st33mpunk

    I had to watch this again, for inspriation.. to see if maybe I can stop worrying about making others feel “uncomfortable” and just worry about me. I mean really, the last time I told this lady it was a wig, she looked as if I had told her I had a deadly disease, and so that cured me from? it for a while, but now.. after watching this a second time, you inspired me! so what if they want to look at me like a mutant.

  9. st33mpunk

    I find that people , at least those in my area, are uncomfortable when I say “? it’s a wig”, so to avoid making them uncomfortable I simply reply to a compliment with thank you and keep on keeping on. many people don’t know what to say to you if you tell them that, and I guess I really don’t want to be talking about it to a stranger to begin with. Friends and family, yes we wig talk, but someone just passing by , no. It’s as if you just told them you are dying, sad but true.

  10. Tanukes

    I am so glad to read? this!!! That’s right…it’s about being you and enjoying the freedom to be yourself! 😉

  11. Suziechgrl

    I really like this video of yours, it is so true what you say, being yourself and not caring what others think or say. I have struggled with this in the? past being a blind woman and having some confidence issues, no more or at least less of an issue. Whether I am wearing a wig or not I am being myself and not putting on an act. Thank you Tanukes.

  12. Tanukes

    I love reading that you share the same? attitude! I love that because that is what empowers women; being honest, not being fake! Thank you! And YES, add some blonde to your collection, because blondes do have more fun ;)…well, so do brunettes and redheads!!! Hahahahahaha!

  13. Tanukes

    Well thank you very much! I sure appreciate that! I hate? being tormented, and do wish for other women to feel free to embrace being a woman, and just enjoy life without all the insecurities. Thanks for watching, and for your feedback. The wig I am wearing is “Eden” by Vivica Fox.

  14. NotSo20Something

    Just found you on YouTube today and you’re attitude is awesome. I wish? all women could listen to what you say in this video. Which wig are you wearing in this video? I love it!

  15. StaciMarie333

    OMG I am 200% right there with you on this! If someone passing by compliments my hair I say thank you, but if I we have time or I see they are really loving my hair I tell them it is a wig and they can have it too if they want to buy it,? lol! I’m not going to sit there and pretend it’s my real hair and make someone else feel “less than”, because I know how it feels. Now I want some blonde in my collection! :)

  16. Tanukes

    That is right my friend! Absolutely nothing wrong with it! So, let’s continue putting the good word out there about wearing wigs! ;)?

  17. bhammett1

    And? really it’s not even just caucasions because I know there’s a lot of stigma amongst all women! There shouldn’t be!

  18. bhammett1

    There is nothing wrong with wearing a wig! I think it’s very important for us? to share this info with the public on here because there is such a stigma amongst caucasions about wearing wigs. Great video!!


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