Wig Tips: Storage & How To Maintain Your Wigs!

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23 thoughts on “Wig Tips: Storage & How To Maintain Your Wigs!

  1. africanbeauty7

    I love your videos and tips. I’m no longer scared to wear LF wigs now. I
    have a question about the powder that you use on your parts. Do you use the
    Maybelline Mineral Power Pressed Powder or the Maybelline Mineral Power
    Finishing Veil Powder? On some of your other vids you listed the Finishing
    Veil in the info box but I think you mentioned the Pressed Powder to
    another poster below. I just want to make sure I get the right one.?

  2. tifftiffchoclit

    I love your vids and tuts. I just subscribed. I was wondering if you could
    tell me the wig you used in the Mohawk tut. I tried clicking the link and a
    error pops up. I would sooo appreciate it!!?

  3. Betterme4lf

    Oh I luv u for this.. Thanku so much:) I need variety (wigs) in my life but
    want to look cute doin it.
    Plz share kind of powder you use for parting if u haven’t already. I’m near
    same complexion:) Thanku again!?

  4. QueenPaul09

    lol we take care of and store our wigs the exact same way=) omg i have one
    of those big long plastic clear bins filled with all my wigs =)?

  5. 1814dreadyhead

    Thanks for all the tips which are things I do already but its good to hear
    it from someone else to let you know you are doing it right….?


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