Wig Tips: (Taking Care of Your Natural Hair)

Wigs are a great protective hairstyle! I discuss the wig tips that I used that have helped me see great hair growth. These are simple and basic tips. www.naturallylonya.com 1.Wash, Condition, and Deep Condition your hair to prep it for the wig. 2. Style your hair. (Style it in plaits, natural braids, cornrows, flat twists, two strand twists, or Bantu knots. 3. Keep your hair moisturized. 4. Wear a wig cap/satin cap, satin scarf, or Du-rag. 5. Keep your hair clean. 6. Invest in a wig head. 7. Be careful of socking caps and comb attachments. Please be aware that these are the tips that I follow that help me experience great hair growth, but these are what work great for my hair. Always pay attention to your hair, and to figure out what it needs. Also please feel free to ask me any questions or leave comments. Facebook Natural Hair Fan page: www.facebook.com
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18 thoughts on “Wig Tips: (Taking Care of Your Natural Hair)

  1. MrElectricwave

    You have a nice hair, why don’t you just use it? Bad hair is the? one who doesn’t grow, like mine. I’m bald, hehehe.

  2. Nola Rozay

    you? are? so pretty, an i love your hair it looks natural on you … thank you for this i just? started wearing weaves/wigs last year an these tips will really help me protect my natural hair . …

  3. Sharterrka03

    It’s really up to how often your hair needs to be washed. When I wear wigs I can co-wash or rinse my hair with water every day or every other day but? as for shampoo (which is more harsh) I will only wash/shampoo once a week at the most. If you don’t have an active lifestyle or you are not sweating as much then you can get away with washing every other week. So I would suggest you wash your hair once a week or twice a week with shampoo/cleanser. Always try to deep condition when you shampoo..

  4. natoyawhite753

    I have been wearing wigs but I decided? to give my hair a break from them. How often should I wash & condition my hair? Just need to know because I want to keep my hair from breaking off

  5. Sharterrka03

    Yes…you have? to be very careful with those stocking caps! Glad you were able to figure out what was going wrong…good luck! =)

  6. Sharterrka03

    Well I am so happy you are able to figure out what was going on with your hair breakage. So if you do choose to wear a wig again, you’ll know what you should do. So glad that? you shared your story =)

  7. darealniecyrite

    OMG everything you said in this video ringed true.I used to wear wigs with combs in the back for like a year,and they caused two small bald spots in the nape :( …I used a nylon wig cap( stocking cap) underneath, and it dried out my hair terribly. I was doing everything wrong smh.No wonder why I was experiencing breakage. To make matters worse, I was at college so I rarely took my wig off.I thank God for this video you definitely know what? you’re talking about!

  8. itsamariokart

    Thanks so much for? this :) I have been considering buying a wig for a while and your video helped me make my decision :)

    you’re pretty btw :)

  9. praizhim4lyfe

    I’m so happy I found this. I’m making my first quick weave wig this weekend and was wondering how to wear my hair underneath. Thank you? thank you!!! God bless!

  10. Sharterrka03

    Lol…yes I know right! Weaves and hair extensions are so expensive these days. Wigs are always a great choice when you? want an easy style that’s still very affordable!

  11. Nikita Jones

    Thank You soo much for your tips!!! I alomst had a relapse on getting weave in my hair but this looks like a better solution for me and more? of my budget ! :)

  12. Sharterrka03

    Yes those wig caps can be tough on our? edges, nape, and temple areas. Glad you found my wig tips video and good luck on your hair journey =)


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