Wig Tutorial – Volume in Wigs

Our FB Page: http://facebook.com/twinzik.twins This tutorial is pat of my entry in the final round of Arda’s Iron Wig competition! We had to create a text or…

23 thoughts on “Wig Tutorial – Volume in Wigs

  1. Phantomhive20

    Question, one you glued or sewed the weft onto the elastic can you take
    another piece of weft and stack it on top of the already attached weft to
    give it a bigger volume? Or you can only attach one weft on each areas?

  2. Swank Wigs

    Absolutely! From what you’re describing it sounds like you’d have great
    results adding wefts with normal straight (or wavy/curly, depending on the
    wig style you’re going for) hair. With wigs like the Jareth, the roots are
    very coarse to create volume, so you’ll want to stray from that!

  3. Citizen Rouge

    Wow you make this look so easy, I think I might give this a try instead of
    paying someone else to do it for me.

  4. Wake Canton

    Question: After you get all of the additional wefts in is it possible to
    just brush it out and have it still look decent? I’m not going for the
    amount of volume this video intends, just thicker naturally voluminous
    looking hair (for cosplay intent but still, natural is nice)

  5. Mami Eita

    what kind of wig hair did you use?? or a link to where you got it from??
    please and thanks! 😀 this was great!

  6. Macbethismycat

    Thank you so much for making this! I finally understand how to attach wefts
    into wigs. Every other tutorial never explained it in a simple enough way
    for me to understand it fully (’cause I’m so slow xD) But you did! THANK

  7. Swank Wigs

    As to the length of the wefts, for the video I cut one of the wefts into a
    short section, just so it would be easier to see and to work with. Normally
    I end up with some wefts that span their original length from one end of
    the wig to the other, and some end up shorter because I accidentally snip
    them too early! But as long as your weft length reaches a line of elastic
    on each end, it isn’t too important. I hope this helps!

  8. Swank Wigs

    Hello! I don’t have any specal blowdryers for my wigwork, BUT I definitely
    want to suggest that you use a blowdryer with different settings. Not all
    wigs have the same level of heat resistance, so you don’t want to have a
    dryer that only has the options of HOT and HIGH! I usually stick with a
    medium temperature and power on my blowdryer, and it’s always worked well
    for me!

  9. hamsters5

    What spray did you use? Also was there any product in the wig before you
    started sectioning it? The wig just seemed to stand up very easily so I
    wasn’t sure if you prepped it before hand?

  10. JetSetDex

    Great video guys, super informative and helpful! I hope this is a sign that
    were going to see more videos :D.

  11. ROOSPEH23

    That hair dryer –is it okay to use a normal sort of hair dryer on wigs? On
    low heat? Or what do you suggest? Also–with cutting/harvesting a wig–how
    is it that you decide on the length of your weft? Or do you just cut the
    elastic and it sort of all is the length it is.


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