Wiggin’ Out! Wigs 101 | Cool Stuff | Linzer Dinzer

Most people are shocked to find out my hair isn’t real. When someone says, “you have such beautiful hair,” it sparks a rather awkward reveal, which usually l…
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10 thoughts on “Wiggin’ Out! Wigs 101 | Cool Stuff | Linzer Dinzer

  1. DearestClaudio

    I’ve always found it really silly that companies deem certain hairstyles as
    too unprofessional for you to be able to get your work done. The length,
    style, or symmetry of one’s hair does not impact their ability to do a
    job… like, at all. A traditionally “professional” appearance is such a
    superficial thing and shouldn’t be a requirement for you to be able to find
    or hold down a job.?

  2. Akaizek

    all the places you listed where to get wigs are terribly expensive! you can
    get wigs that are close or equal quality than the ones you have now, you
    just have to look around for them.?

  3. MegaZone

    Guys have options not as socially acceptable for women. I just decided to
    shave my head one day in 2002 and I’ve been shaving it ever since, save for
    a few months here and there where I let it start to grow out a bit before
    shaving it again. But it has been a while since I did that. But society
    is a lot more accepting of guys with shaved heads then of women doing the

  4. notafangirl

    This was so neat! I’ve always wondered about wigs (without them being used
    for cosplay) and this was super helpful.?

  5. sexyngeeky

    Knew some, but nowhere near all, of this – super useful info! I only have
    one good wig and I have been putting off buying another.

    So woot – mailing list! ^^?

  6. kezfx

    I actually didn’t realize that synthetic wigs dry back to its original
    shape after being washed. #TheMoreYouKnow! Keep up with awesome new content
    Dinz! :D?

  7. Aly Frank

    i love everything about this video!!! especially that your fav hair was the
    one i did!! also that you mentioned godiva’s i know the owners of those


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