Miss pookie’s over 50 make-up parlor This video is one in a series of make-up for over 50. This video shows you how easy it is to change your look by wearing a wig, enjoy.
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16 thoughts on “wigs

  1. weeknightingale

    Thank you! You and your wigs look great! I always wondered about wigs! My hair is? getting so thinned out! Will look into the RW wigs.

  2. Louizalass

    Hey, Miss Pookie! At last, a woman of? my own age showing us we can we just as beautiful as 20-year-olds (but I think we have more fun, huh?!!) love the wigs. I used to wear a couple a long time ago but eventually sold them. I like those short ones you wore as they look so natural. Can you list which ones they are – the only one you mentioned was Raquel Welch and I’ve tried one of those (although it didn’t work for me).


  3. magicadespell56

    they dont have to much hair that makes them looks fake these look real… is the cap necessary i think? every layer would make it hotter!… good for winter time.

  4. mariaesther28

    I like the second one !!!!!!! and you look great with all of them ! I AM OVER 70 and my hair is all white ! i would like so much? to try one time but I CANNOT AFFOR IT

  5. pyewacket60

    I? was so afraid you had stopped posting videos. Glad you’re back and I have subscribed. Please keep posting. Yours is one of the few channels for us more mature makeup lovers. Thank you!


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