Wigs Are Hot!

Hairpieces are awesome, but every wig queen knows that it can get hot and itchy under there! Watch the hosts get REAL about their hilarious wig stories, during this Girl Chat.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

21 thoughts on “Wigs Are Hot!

  1. subomi seun-fadipe

    Lmfao!! Did anyone else notice that when they were talking about synthetic
    weaves, they put the camera on the two ladies at the back who had on
    synthetic weaves.?

  2. iman campbell

    I love me a good wig they are easy and you can change your look without
    damaging your own hair… I stay on hairsisters.com.?

  3. Key

    For all those saying “I don’t wear wigs, I’m natural”, what’s your point?
    Plenty of natural women rock wigs for protective styles. Tamera is one of

  4. adversetoconverse

    Tamar’s wig looks like she just got it off the ironing board. She didn’t
    even brush it first. It’s a shame too because she was doing so well. Help
    her Lawd. Ooop.?

  5. NellyBelle

    I love me some wigs! Yes I do have hair, but I love the versatility of a
    wig! On and off, switching my styles up!! But you must take care of them
    you dont want a stiff rag for a wig! lol?

  6. Roodianne Tide

    Lol at the lady the camera showed when they started talking about hot
    synthetic wigs. Anyone notice how much she was sweating?? HAHAHAHAHA?

  7. MsBrooklyn11232

    I don’t wear wigs at all but from my understanding wigs are fun to wear
    because you can switch up your look a few times and wigs are also fun. ?

  8. TopherXC

    i dont understand the trend that wigs are.. until maybe 2 years ago i
    thought only people with bad hair or cancer patients wore wigs.. now it
    seems like every famous girl who isn’t white is wearing them..

  9. Claudia Butler

    Wow. I never wore a wig in my life and I never plan to. Especially after
    these horror stories lol! I love my natural hair! :-)?

  10. Hannah Evans

    I find it so ironic how people are always quick to judge Tamar’s hair for
    the smallest thing but Jeannie is sitting on t.v literally with safety pins
    in her hair and no one is saying a word. Oh wait that’s right Jeannie can
    do no wrong… SMH?

  11. Gaone R

    ARE THOSE CLOTHES PINS?! No Jeannie, just no…where are they doing that? I
    was a bit on the fence about the bobby pins, now she’s putting clothes pins
    on her hair?!! Tamar’s wig looks like it’s been through some things


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