Wigs by Vanity Styling a Marilyn part 1

Ben shows you how to style a Marilyn wig.

4 thoughts on “Wigs by Vanity Styling a Marilyn part 1

  1. WigsByVanity

    Make up will help match your lace if you have darker skin. Just remember
    that the lace will absorb the colour and look darker. So just use it
    sparingly. Or use a shade light than your skin.

  2. Shianti Pierce

    What do we do with the lace when the color doesn’t seem like it would match
    darker skin tones? :) If there is anything that could even be done?

  3. GomorrahDrag

    I’d rather have the wig be named after Carol Channing than Marilyn 😉 but
    it’s gorgeous either way.?


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