Wig’s for White Women-sexy -Blonde Wigs, Dark Wig’s, Short Wig’s, celebrity Long Wig’s

6 Wig’s 6 different looks! Stunning wig’s just for the moment, be you, be different,be gorgeous. XXX

20 thoughts on “Wig’s for White Women-sexy -Blonde Wigs, Dark Wig’s, Short Wig’s, celebrity Long Wig’s


    I liked the braided one on her , I thought it? looked pretty bohemian and kinda bold lol.. arent wigs just fun ? :)

  2. peperlover99

    Personally, I think of course all the wigs look great on you, but I think the first one, the short? brown one, looks particularly fabulous. I just ADORE short wigs, and you look great in them!

  3. MissBoutique

    @RIORDENATO Thank you for your comment. Glad tou like the videos, I’ll be putting new videos up soon.?

  4. penisfuckeye

    I love the short blonde 1 @ 1:03, that’s just what my hair looked like before alopecia. It looked really natural,? most blonde wigs I see look fake.

  5. MissBoutique

    @tks8189 Hi wigs should not slip off if its the correct size, is it of good quality? If it is and is the correct size, you could try double sided tape if you? don’t have hair underneath or you could use a comfort grip which is made from silicone, if you have hair try a hair retainer or comfort grip… Hope this helps..

  6. Msutopia100

    I? love all your wigs. However, you look older with the second short blond wig and the braided one is terrible. You are a beautiful woman and all the others wigs are nice on you.


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