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www.sammydress.com Wavy Wig: http://www.sammydress.com/product768691.html Curly Wig: http://www.sammydress.com/product83112.html Pearl Bow: http://www.sammyd…
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18 thoughts on “Wigs & Hair Accessories l Sammydress l

  1. Sullsfx

    Can you do an ask or about you video sometime? I’d like to know more about
    you! I love your videos so much!?

  2. ttlee

    The second wig on you is so cute! I wish I had more of a v-line face so I
    could pull off the blunt fringes :(?

  3. Snowleopard_x3

    Thank you a lot for this review! I thought about getting a wig but didn’t
    knew where to buy one, and this site is so cheap and the quality of the
    wigs seems really good ^.^?

  4. Cookies and Cosplay

    She says I like this wig much much more yet she sets her profile pic as her
    wearing the other one…? ?

  5. Misodashii

    The accessories are so pretty! Do you wear the wigs everyday? Does it get
    too hot to wear in the summer time? D: ?

  6. FarcaiT

    Great review! You got such cute stuff! ^^ I just want to tell you, that you
    are not supposed to use the two claws together! In the bottom back of your
    wig, it has places to set the claws. This way, you can adjust the tightness
    of the wig?

  7. Jade

    You are so adorable! I Love watching your videos, you helped me out on
    which circle lenses I wanted, thanks for the informational/cute videos!?


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