Wigs & Wig Caps- HOW TO

Hi Guys & Dolls! It seems easy enough- throw your hair back and put a wig on, right? Well not if you want it to stay in place all day & night! When your hair…
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14 thoughts on “Wigs & Wig Caps- HOW TO

  1. RedTearsBlackWings21

    You can buy a hair brush for synthetic hair that has large loops on it
    these preserve the curls really well.

  2. RedTearsBlackWings21

    With all the clips and bobbi pins/hair grips keeping the wig caps on does
    it become heavy at all? I’m prone to head aches which is why I don’t have
    long hair and I’ve been tossing up getting a wig but I’m still a touch
    concerned about how heavy or tight it becomes with all the clips and stuff.
    Your advice would be highly valued :)

  3. valerie trevino

    My wig gets tangled and fizzy but I don’t want to bush it cuz it has curls.
    Is there anything I can do?

  4. shawmere mercer

    love this thank you so much my hair is so fine i always have a problem with
    the wig staying in place , you realy are the best :)

  5. Evilstepqueen

    Went to Target today, thought of you. Got this awesome hi/lo dress in a
    purple/pink snakeskin print. It is sooo adorable. It has this cool purple
    thin belt, too. They had a grey/turquoise/red cool print one and a plain
    purple one, too. I am in love with these dresses, party thanks to you for
    your OOTD vids!! Thank you!


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