Winter Faves/Cyber Monday/Gothic Lolita Wigs Review

I’ve been gone for so long!! ahhhh. I’ve been so busy with school and work, I’m sorry everyone! I tried to make a video before work so forgive its irrelevanc…

25 thoughts on “Winter Faves/Cyber Monday/Gothic Lolita Wigs Review

  1. DSM Productions (official)

    You are quite sweet although your wig scares me, as you change your hair in
    most videos what is you real hair colour??

  2. PopCake

    Great Review, what was the name of the black curly wig you got?
    They have a few on there site but not sure which is the one you have on. I
    love the length and its just the right amount of curl to it :) ?

  3. minzy gee

    rarely! I wear them if I’m with friends or if I’m going somewhere at night
    and don’t want to do my hair. Also, there’s a lolita group in my city so
    I’ll wear it when we’re together, otherwise, they’re just for fun!

  4. LadyMeilin

    I have the black spiral too and im not sure if its because of the camera
    but mine looks super real. I’ve never had someone ask if it was a wig and i
    get compliments all the time. It;’s my favorite wig ever.

  5. James Carraway

    my sister orders stuff from that website all the time lol also i think its
    pretty cool that you are going to do dance covers i dont think any other
    kpop review channel that does kpop dance cover. Very cool and Very unique :)

  6. Nadia Corrieri

    Aren’t wigs really expensive? I know you can get good deals online, but I
    don’t have any money (yet!) to open up a debit card, so I’m wigless. Do you
    know of any good stores that sell cool pastel goth accessories, though, or


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