www.superstrands.com Full Lace wig without fringe / bang. 25″ long 100% human hair

www.superstrands.com 25 inch 100% human remy hair, hand tied full lace wig. It can be curled and straightened with heat. Wig weight 220g+ Colour in the video is number #4 chocolate brown. The cap is secured with clips and 2 adjustable straps for extra grip. They can be dyed up to two shades darker. Shipping is FREE worldwide. Link to purchase this wig: www.superstrands.com

10 thoughts on “www.superstrands.com Full Lace wig without fringe / bang. 25″ long 100% human hair

  1. AroraRaunaq

    @amandaw0ng my sister has tried this wig and seriously u cannot make out that there is a? wig on her head . she wears the straight wig with fringe . hope that helps

  2. 1uhot426

    a full lace wig is the most realistic wig (that i know of) that you can get. They normally cost hundreds? of dollers…

  3. amandaw0ng

    Did anyone try this wig? I was wondering if it look realistic or not..can you do a? ponytail or half pony ..

  4. superstrandsltd

    @jboogeyable While making the scalp look more real a? wig cap actually does an important job of protecting your hairline from glue or tape. If your using tape it will stop your hair from sticking to it.

  5. superstrandsltd

    @AifricDeSpann As there is no glue involved there? is no real need to. With it being a clip in wig you need to get a good grip on the hair a wig cap would get in the way.


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